Maca for Male Enhancement – Does it Really Work?

If you’re looking at taking Maca supplement  for male enhancement purposes, I got news for you: A not-so-good one and a good one.

Lets start with the not-so-good news.

Although Maca has been heavily touted by marketers and supplement companies as the go-to supplement for male enhancement, it is not the best there is out there. Maca is a great superfood. Extremely nutritious and function effectively as a hormone regulator. But on its own, Maca is not going to do the job of giving you the vitality and virility you’re looking for… both in and out of the bedroom.

But here’s the good news…

While Maca alone does not do the job, there is one other herb that when used in combination with Maca, will transform you into a ‘giant’ among Men. This herb is… in my opinion… indispensable when it comes to male enhancement because its work on our primary male hormone.

This herb is call Tongkat Ali. To be more exact, its… Tongkat Ali Root Extract. I touch a little bit more on this later.

But first, what is it about Tongkat Ali that makes it the ‘crown jewel’ of male enhancement? How does it actually work? To answer this, it will be helpful to back up a little and explore what exactly is male enhancement, and how that can be done.

To take it literally, male enhancement refers to the enhancement or improvement to the male characteristics or qualities in Men. That includes sexuality, strength, muscle development, energy level, vitality and mental and emotional aspects such as alertness, a sense of well-being, drive and motivation. If you’re not already aware of it, all the above characteristics and qualities are dependent on one primary male hormone – Testosterone.

Testosterone is what makes a man a Man.

Tongkat Ali Roots while not particularly nutritious, or tasty (its extremely bitter) does a spectacular job of boosting free testosterone levels in Men. Its exact pathways are not known but enormous amount of anecdotal evidences from users has confirmed its efficacy. Don’t believe me. Hop over to this page on and see for yourself: Amazon reviews of

Now don’t get me wrong here. I am not telling you to stop taking Maca here. Quite the opposite. You want to take Maca as its offers a wealth of benefits to our body. And I personally do. However, for maximum male enhancement effect, I highly recommend taking Tongkat Ali Root Extract as well. This two-in-one combination packs a powerful one-two punch that’s almost guaranteed to take your ‘man-ness’ to the next level.

With Maca & Tongkat Ali Root Extract, you’re getting the Best of Both Worlds

How about those male enhancement supplements that contains a bit of everything. Well, I caution against that. For one thing, many ingredients are just hype. Secondly, a little bit of everything… does nothing. Suppose you’re hungry and all you ate is a slice of bread, how is that going to appease your hunger. Its not. For the same reason, you need quality and quantity in order for any supplements to work its magic.

Macaali™ – The Ultimate in Male Enhancement Supplements

Macaali™ is a unique, first-of-its-kind male enhancement supplement developed by Pure Science Supplements. This is not one of those supplements that has a bit of everything. It only contains Maca and Tongkat Ali Root Extract, at quantity and quality that delivers measurable impact on our body.

And speaking about quality, not all Tongkat Ali supplements are the same. In fact, there’s a big world of difference. What you must look for is Tongkat Ali Root Extract. The two keywords here are ‘root’ and ‘extract’. Why ‘roots’? Simply because it has been test and proven the roots is where all the active ingredients of Tongkat Ali are concentrated. Not the stems, not the leaves.

What about ‘extract’? Stay with me on this because this is important and it can be a little difficult to comprehend. There is Tongkat Ali root powder and there is Tongkat Ali root extract. Root powder is simply taking Tongkat Ali roots and grinding them into powder. Whereas ‘extract’, is taking Tongkat Ali roots and extracting the active ingredients within in a concentrated form.

In the case of Macaali, the Tongkat Ali root extract has an extract strength of 100:1. Meaning 100 gram of Tongkat Ali is used to produce 1 gram of extract.

Macaali™ contains 200mg of gelantinized Maca powder and 200mg of Tongkat Ali Root Extract per capsule. Each bottle consist of 100 capsules. (Gelantinized means the starch is removed, making the Maca powder more easily assimilated in our body0

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For a limited period of time (and I’m not sure for how long),  you can get Macaali at 25% off the usual. But this low, low pricing is only available if you make your purchase through From what I understand, this is promotional launch price available only through Amazon. The usual price of Macaali is $105 for a bottle of 100 caps. However on Amazon, you can get the same quality product for just $65.00 – a 38% savings. Chances are, this promotional price isn’t going to be there forever.

Be Protected by Amazon’s Money-Back Guarantee

If you do choose to give Macaali™ a shot and I highly recommend you do, your satisfaction is protected by Amazon’s A-Z money-back guarantee. Not thrill with the product? Simply return it for a full refund. And because its Amazon, you can be assured of getting your money back.

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